Winslow Sargeant Doctoral Award

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The Winslow Sargeant Doctoral Award in the Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center is designed to support new and continuing doctoral students as they prepare to undertake future research endeavors. The awardee of the Winslow Sargeant Award will spend time at the Walters Center in support of research projects. Awardees must be writing a dissertation on a topic in line with the mission and objectives of the Walters Center or have research skills that can advance the research projects of the Walters Center.


Candidates must be Howard University doctoral students accepted into doctoral programs within the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences. The awardee will be expected to spend approximately one day per week at the Center.


One-year, one-time stipend of $10,000--$5,000 each semester.


To apply, each student must submit the following items to

  • Curriculum vitae of no more than 3 pages
  • A letter of application that explains how you see yourself advancing the legacy of Dr. Walters
  • (If the student is writing a dissertation) A 1-2-page description of your research
  • (If the student is not at the dissertation writing stage) A 1-2-page description of how you can contribute to the work of the Walters Center during the academic year.
  • A current transcript
  • One letter of reference from faculty member familiar with applicant’s academic work

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by May 29, 2020. If you have questions, send them to, Subject: Winslow Sargeant Doctoral Award.