Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center

Welcome to the Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center

Howard University established it to honor the legacy of Dr. Ronald Walters, a distinguished scholar-activist, mentor, and advocate for social change.

The Ronald Walters Center stands as a beacon of excellence, fostering research, facilitating policy discussions, and nurturing leadership in areas central to the engagement of African Americans in the U.S. political process. Our vision is to become the foremost academic center for research on policy issues, driving meaningful change and advancing societal equity.

We invite you to explore the Ronald Walters Center and join us in our mission to uphold Dr. Walters' legacy of empowerment, advocacy, and academic excellence.

About the Center

About Dr. Ronald W. Walters

Internationally renowned scholar and activist and an expert on issues affecting the African Diaspora

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Dr. Ronald Walters and Reverend Joseph Lowry

Marking the Inaugural Year: Celebrating Stacey Abrams' Endowed Chair Journey of Engagement and Insight

We are thrilled to share the successful culmination of Stacey Abrams' inaugural year as the Ronald Walters Endowed Chair. Throughout this year, Ms. Abrams has engaged audiences with her profound insights, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to civic engagement.

In January, our Fireside Chat, skillfully moderated by Tia M. Dickerson, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology, set the stage for a series of enriching events:

  • February featured a captivating Book Talk with Dr. Pearl Dowe.
  • March brought an insightful discussion with students, hosted by The Hilltop, alongside the presentation of the Kemler Lecture series Awards to Senior Weslyn Harmon and Junior Ellison Richardson.
  • April concluded with a thought-provoking exploration of AI and disinformation, featuring Kemba Walden, former Principal Deputy in the Office of the National Cyber Director and former counsel of the Digital Crimes Unit at Microsoft.

Stay connected to learn about upcoming events with the endowed chair. Join us as we continue to advance Dr. Ronald Walters' legacy.

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