Walters Center Student Assistants Receive Degrees

Howard University Gate

Nicolette C. Cabbell, Howard University 2016 graduate, a New York native, Sports Medicine major with a minor in Chemistry, served as a student assistant at the Walters Center during her sophomore and senior years.  Ms. Cabbell stated that working at the Walters Center helped her grow and become more aware of critical issues affecting the African American community.  Being a part of the Center gave her exposure to current African American leaders, both men and women in a mixture of fields including education, public policy, research and many more. 

Paula Thomason, M.S.W., 2016 Graduate, School of Social Work, served as a graduate assistant at the Walters Center.  Ms. Thomason, a California native, stated that the Center gave her the opportunity to participate in research designed to improve police practices.  With focus groups as its primary source of data, this project’s qualitative data collection method also strengthened her experience with dialogue-oriented research.  She stated that her curriculum emphasized why researching social problems not only allows social work practitioners to expand their knowledge within a practice area, but it also benefits clients and society from a policy and legislative level.


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